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Junior Woman's Club of Milford

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Milford Living Treasure Award



The 2012 Panel of Common Good has chosen:

Richard Dowin



Inspired by the Sante Fe, N.M. Living Treasures Program, the Junior Woman’s Club of Milford, under the guidance of past president Sara Baluha, established its own program in 1997.


In February the club accepted nominations for individuals aged 65 years or older, male or female, who have been a resident of Milford for at least ten years and whose contributions and actions have enriched the community.


A Panel of Common Good comprised of community leaders was formed to help make the selection.  The Panel reviewed each application and after much consideration awarded the honor to Richard Dowin. 


To Whom It May Concern,

It is a honor and
a pleasure to nominate Mr. Richard "Dick" Dowin for the Milford Living Treasure Award. I can think of no other man or women who is more deserving of this award. Dick truly represents the "Small City" of Milford and its citizens with "HIS BIG HEART".

I had the pleasure of meeting Dick in 1993 as the School Nurse of Pumpkin Delight School. Dick was a member of the Devon Lions Club than as he is now. As a member he organized a Christmas Holiday party for all the Special Needs students in the Milford School system. This was a party that was looked forward to yearly by the children. It was equipped with special treats, gifts for all and that special guest, Santa Claus. Smiles would be seen everywhere by the students and their families, the staff and Lions Club members. No greater smile would be seen that of Dick for all the pleasure these students received. He is a sincerely kind and caring man.

Dick has also played an extremely important role in the health and well-being of the students of Milford. Dick runs the Vision Assistance Program sponsored by the Devon Lions Club. As a a result of his tireless dedication to this cause no child of Milford in need has ever been denied a complete vision examination, prescription for eyeglasses when needed and a pair of eyeglasses. Dick understands the importance of education in a child's life. Normal vision helps children succeed in the academic setting. At the beginning of each school year all the School Nurses of Milford are given Dick's home phone number and fhx number for which many of these vision referrals are made. During these tough economic times many families are in need and Dick never turns any student down. Currently I am a School Nurse at Jonathan Law High School and can tell you that just today a young man who had been experiencing difficulty seeing and whose family is experiencing financial hardship came to me to tell me his new eyeglasses would be ready for pick-up this afternoon. He was thrilled and his family extremely thankful. This was made possible due to Dick's passion and dedication to the children of Mitford and the Lions Club.

I have also heard of Dick's involvement with not only the children of Milford but the seniors and Handicap citizens in need. I personally remember a time when he was requested by a young woman who was wheelchair bound and needed to have the tire on her wheelchair changed. Always concerned with safbty, health and welt being of all he immediately came to her aide and fixed her wheelchair.

Passion, dedication and continued love for his City and the citizens of Milford make Mr. Richard "Dick" Dowin the perfect nominee for the Milford Living Treasure Awards.


Kathy Scarinzi



 The Junior Woman’s Club of Milford, Inc., in conjunction with the Panel of Common Good, is seeking candidates for the 2013 Milford Living Treasures Award. 

 This award will be bestowed upon a candidate whose community service has

 enriched Milford and made it a better community in which to live.

The individual will also have to meet the following criteria:

- is a current resident of Milford and has lived here for a minimum of ten years

- is age 65 years of age or older, male or female

- is an extraordinary person whose community service has enriched our community

 *Please print or type a detailed list of contributions and accomplishments

 (volunteerism, organizations, awards won, clubs involved with, offices held)

that the candidate has done for the city of Milford, along with…

 *Your Name, Email Address and Telephone:

*Name of Nominee, Email Address and Telephone:

*Nominee’s Date of Birth:

*Address of Nominee:

*Brief Biography of Nominee:

*Why Do You Consider This Nominee A Living Treasure?

 Prior “Treasures” include:  Sara Turnbull, 1996; Abigail Gerhard, 1997; Sally Szoke, 1998; Eleanor Hutt, 1999, Margaret Casey, 2000, Alan Jepson, 2001, Judge Bernard F. Joy, 2002, Michael Petrucelli, 2003, Sebastian Boscarino, 2004, Walter Farley, 2005, Thomas Cody Sr., 2006, Richard Platt, 2007, Claire Phelan, 2008, Robert Blake, 2009, Joy Stonier, 2010, Ann Berman, 2011 and Richard Dowin, 2012.

 Their Living Treasure Books can be found at The Milford Public Library.

 The 2013 Living Treasure will be awarded in May at a ceremony at City Hall and his/her name will be added to the Living Treasure Walkway in back of City Hall.  The 2013 Living Treasure will be awarded a book of his/her life, a personalized stepping stone, and a book of his/her history will be added to the Milford Public Library.  The Mayor, family and friends will be invited to witness a beautiful program dedicated to the

2013 Milford Living Treasure recipient.


Jerilyn Shannon  

 91 Todd Drive   Milford, Ct. 06461

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